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PHY2609H F specializedPlanetary Physics

Course Title PHY2609H F specialized
Session fall
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: F 11-12
Room: TBA
Time: F 1-3
Room: TBA

Julian  Lowman


Official Description

This course investigates the physical processes occurring in planets and moons. Specific topics will vary but will be related to:

- evolution of terrestrial objects (e.g. planets, moons)

-  planetary heat sources & thermal evolution (e.g. convection and its surface manifestations)

- effects of high temperature and pressure in planetary interiors (e.g., phase changes, stress-strain relationships)

- planetary structure and global shape (e.g. gravity, rotation, composition)

- regional effects on topography (e.g., lithospheric elasticity)

Research articles and a focus on numerical modelling studies will be used to illustrate recent advances in the field.



Prerequisite: Knowledge of PDEs, vector calculus & Newtonian mechanics. No previous knowledge of Earth or planetary science required.
Textbook Geodynamics, by Donald Lawson Turcotte. Cambridge University Press, c2002.