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PHY2505H S specializedAtmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding

Course Title PHY2505H S specialized
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: T10-12
Room: MP606

Kimberly  Strong (coordinator)


Official Description


Review of radiative transfer; radiative absorption and emission in matter; basic molecular spectroscopy; spectral line intensities and line shapes; scattering of radiation; the role of minor constituents and the greenhouse effect; applications to the atmosphere; techniques and methodologies for atmospheric remote sounding.

Prerequisite: PHY 1830F "Foundation Course in Atmospheric Physics" (or equivalent), or permission of the instructor
Textbook Available on Course Reserve in the Physics Library:
A first course in atmospheric radiation, Grant W. Petty
An introduction to atmospheric radiation, K. N. Liou
Atmospheric radiative transfer, Jacqueline Lenoble
Atmospheric radiation : theoretical basis, R. M. Goody and Y. L. Yung
Spectroscopy and radiative transfer of planetary atmospheres, Kelly
Chance and Randall V. Martin