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PHY2405H S specializedExperimental High Energy Physics

Course Title PHY2405H S specialized
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: M W 1
Room: MP 912
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William  Trischuk


Official Description


This course is a survey of the techniques of modern experimental high

energy physics; accelerators, detectors, and data analysis. The

emphasis is on how technologies allow us to probe new areas of

particle physics. Several modern particle physics experiments will be

used as examples to highlight these innovations.  The basics of

charged particle accelerators will be covered along with the

limitations on energy and luminosity both from the point of view of

accelerator technology, and the experiments. The physics and

technology of solid state, gas ionisation and scintillation detectors

are covered, as is their practical application to the discovery of B

oscillations and the top quark. The physics of calorimeters is

discussed along with the practical realization of these devices in

present experiments, such as ATLAS. Innovative devices such as ring

imagining Cerenkov counters are examined, using the BaBar experiment

on CP violation as an example. If time permits triggering, data

acquisition, and electronics will be discussed.