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PHY2202H S specializedAtomic & Molecular Physics

Course Title PHY2202H S specialized
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: W,F 9:30-11
Location: MP505

Amar  Vutha (coordinator)


Official Description

This course will deal with atomic and molecular structure, and the interactions of atoms & molecules with electromagnetic fields. The course will be useful to graduate students and advanced undergraduates doing research in AMO physics.


 * Hydrogenic atoms, including relativistic effects

* Nuclear effects: hyperfine structure and isotope shifts

* Many-electron atoms, Hund's rules

* Atoms interacting with electromagnetic fields: selection rules, Zeeman and Stark effects, optical transitions

* Molecular physics

 The course will be graded based on homework assignments, a term paper, and a final exam.


Prerequisite: PHY 2203 (Quantum Optics I). A strong background in quantum mechanics and electromagnetism will be assumed. Please contact the instructor if you are concerned about your preparation.
Textbook Suggested textbooks are “Physics of Atoms & Molecules” by Bransden & Joachain, and "Atomic Physics: an introduction through problems" by Budker, Kimball & DeMille.