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Course Listing

Fall classes start the week of September 9th. Exception: Cross listed courses: PHY1485F, PHY1483F, PHY1489F start on September 5th.

Description Title
Seismology Course JPE1493H S (Arts & Sci 493)
Nonlinear Physics Course PHY1460H S (Arts & Sci 460)
Relativity Theory I Course PHY1483H F (Arts & Sci 483)
Relativity Theory II Course PHY1484H S (Arts & Sci 484)
Laser Physics Course PHY1485H F (Arts & Sci 485)
Quantum Theory of Solids I Course PHY1487H F Introductory
Introduction to High Energy Physics Course PHY1489H F (Arts & Sci 489)
Current Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics Course PHY1491H S (Arts & Sci 491)
Introduction to Atmospheric Physics Course PHY1498H F (Arts & Sci 492)
Statistical Mechanics Course PHY1500H S general
Electromagnetism Course PHY1510H S general
Quantum Mechanics Course PHY1520H F general
Fluid Mechanics Course PHY1530H F general
Mathematical Methods in Physics Course PHY1540H S general
Scientific Computing for Physicists Course PHY1610H S general
Atomic & Molecular Physics Course PHY2202H S specialized
Quantum Optics I Course PHY2203H F specialized
Quantum Optics II Course PHY2204H S specialized
Special Topics QO II - Physics of Information and Quantum Communication Physics of Information and Quantum Communication Course PHY2206H S specialized
Entanglement Physics Course PHY2212H S specialized
Quantum Theory of Solids II Course PHY2303H S specialized
Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics II – Modern X-ray Physics Course PHY2314H F specialized
Advanced Statistical Mechanics Course PHY2315H S specialized
Many Body Physics I Course PHY2321H S specialized
Quantum Field Theory I Course PHY2403H F specialized
Quantum Field Theory II Course PHY2404H S specialized
Experimental High Energy Physics Course PHY2405H S specialized
Phenomenology of the Standard Model Course PHY2408H S specialized
Climate System Dynamics Course PHY2502H F specialized
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Course PHY2504H S specialized
Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding Course PHY2505H S specialized
Data Assimilation and Retrieval Theory Course PHY2506H F specialized
Special Topics in Atmospheric Physics I Course PHY2509H S specialized
Inverse Theory Course PHY2603H F specialized
Planetary Physics Course PHY2609H F specialized
Cellular and Molecular Biophysics I Course PHY2707 F specialized
Quantitative Biology of Systems, Organisms and Populations Course PHY2709 F Specialized
Computational Methods in Biophysics Course PHY2710 S specialized
Biophysical Techniques Course PHY2711 S specialized
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