The Icicle Atlas Run m7p11
an iconic icicle

The Icicle Atlas
Run m7p11

The image at the left shows a typical view of the icicle made in this run.

  • Conditions

    Run date: 2009-11-03
    Wall temperature: -16.30 C
    Air temperature: see timeseries
    Water flow rate: 2.7 g/min
    Water type: Toronto tap water
    Salt concentration: no added salt
    Surfactant concentration: no added surfactant
    Input nozzle temperature: 3.10 C
    Support rotation: no rotation of the support
    Relative humidity: 61 %
    Scale of raw images: 54.256 pixel/cm

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  • Still images

  • Associated files
    • Zip file of various timeseries data files.

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